The Grande Loge Indépendante de France


The Grande Loge Indépendante de France (G.L.I.F.) is a union of Lodges practicing Free-masonry in strict observance of the Basic Principles, 1929, guarantying a straight, traditional and regular transmission of usages, moral and spiritual values.

Membership of Lodges relies on granting them their chart and on observing regular practice of authentic workings and symbolic, allegoric dramas.

Lodges are autonomous in the G.L.I.F. within the respect of its Constitution, namely “Rule of Masons”, and of the commonly, freely shared traditional basic principles. In this frame, the G.L.I.F. is the “common Home of Lodges”.

The G.L.I.F. offers those who are under its auspices the conditions of harmony and peace, which are deemed essential to achieve their regular initiation ritual and work.

The G.L.I.F. refrains from any type of public statements, stances and demonstrations under its own name, which otherwise could drive it to diverge from its unique role of a traditional, spiritual Masonic society. The G.L.I.F. leaves the freedom to individual members of its Lodges to express themselves under their sole responsibility, if desired, public commitments of their own, that their initiation path of fraternity, peace and love could generate, provided it remains fully compatible with their obligations taken as a member of the GLIF.


Nine “Founding Fathers”, united in their strict adherence to for regular Freemasonry, created the G.L.I.F., consecrated January 12th, 2013, to meet the expectations of many Brethren, in dire circumstances of the troubled Freemasonry in France, yearning for recovering regular transmission of the traditional initiation of the Craft of Masonry. Its quality “regular Grand Lodge by origin” (Declaration of Vienna, January 29th, 2014) aims at joining the international chain of regular Grand Lodges.

Under that fraternal spirit of a genuine brotherhood, the G.L.I.F. offers members of its Lodges in a “common Home”, an initiation space for the practice of the traditional, spiritual workings, in silence, peace and union.


“The growth of the Grande Loge Indépendante de France towards the spiritual depths is far more desirable that its geographic and rapid expansion.

However if expansion of its chain becomes required, the Rule of Masons will be the bond of unity in time and space.”